Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It was a week to...fall asleep and just say give me minute

Before you ask am I ok...I am fine hahaha it was just a week of service and change and ah!!!

First I just wanna say sorry...I have a tons of pics but my camera died...so I cannot send them....I WILL next week

ANY way we had a great week. This Tuesday we had an exciting opportunity to go on exchanges and as usual I learned so much!!! It was nice to learn and to just work the regular schedule again.

Wednesday we had a service opportunity to help clean a school! THOSE are the pictures I wanted to send but!!!! wala and I am sooo sorry!!! but mostly what we did was pull big branches they would cut off with their swords!!! hahaha It looked like it! The worst part was the tree ants...they are like these giant red ants and every time we would cut down a branch they got on th ground.....if you stood still for long, they would go on your legs..the first time I notice them I was holding a branch and three were on my hand next to my thumb.......almost got bit! AHHHHH hahaha but we had fun!!!

Friday we were weekly planning and I got a text from the DL...the only thing was the name on the text was different....our DL got emergency transfered into an area cause all 4 elders there got pulled out...of Vigan..that's my old area! What!!!!

It's chill though!! we still love them. \We just ignore it and keep working.

Sunday was stake conference...no JORDAN I did not have the experience you had because I still have the black tag... but we also had the chance to work with our bishop and his wife...they said marienda muna...(snack first) in there eyes it's spaggeti and bomb manga!! mangos in English.

MONDAY today we had a training by sister barrienetos and Pres and interviews!!! It rocked! SIS taught mostly the importance to the Filipinos on speaking English and why it's important. IT WAS way fun cause the Filipino people think it's fun to learn and we love to teach but for me its English and Tagalog.

ONE MORE THING JUNE 6 is the big date for Erica and Jacob!! we are excited!!!! and hope everything goes weel!!!


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