Monday, May 11, 2015


I had birth to a French polly.....he is the best!!!

SO this week we met our trainees. Elder Ellis and I are now companions and are doing great.

This week I learned all but two from my batch, (MTC group, In-take) what ever you wanna call it, are trainers is in the office the other...well I'll let imagination work that.

We are all very scared because untill Wednesday night I felt still new in the mission...guys I'm 3 months from a year and I'm not counting, I just noticed that like 10 seconds ago...where did time go. may tagal pa  (long time left) but I love this work and I love serving...

SO this week I started to train and it's been so far really good. Elder Ellis is already real good at Tagalog, meaning he isn't afraid to extened a commitment when I asked him to! boo yeah!

Sunday he bore a testimony in just great Tagalog... I am a proud dad..

So yeah for my INVS. I have two progressing and getting close to baptism! Just need to teach! Their names are Erica and Jacob! They are still young, yeah, but the best!!!

I also was able to Skype the fam bam!! Jordan is home, so I got to talk to him!!! and see my mom!!!! it was the best and I am so ready for work! because of them pushing me!!

SO there is this elder named Elder Tan who has been in the office longer than I was in the feild....he finally got out and was asked to train! Since I am at the church on Sundays same time he is, we grew close and both of our former companions were Elder SEU. We grew close man. He is so funny. One sister in that ward said that he was the most active member in that ward!! hahahaha they asked if he wanted to put his name in there ward roster hahha but we got to talk before he went out to a far area hahaha oh man he is the best!!!

Well really that is it! I love you all, miss you more.

​This is my new friend Elder Tan. He is from the Philippines and he is Chinese. He is really cool and super smart, I'm talking owns like a business and has a full ride to harvard.... dang

and this..."ito ang pinakamamahal na anak..pakinggang siya" or this is my beloved son hear him

I love you all and stay cool. Write yeah

P.S. 4 of us I'm still most GUWAPO\

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