Monday, May 4, 2015

It was a good long week

And when I say long, I mean from Friday till now.

But I will tell you all about it!

Sunday we met a wonderful family who has two kids, one boy and girl both want baptism. So Monday we got to teach them after P-day and it was way fun! They are way cool and silly, but the daughter is a little harder to deal with...very short attention.

SO Tuesday we were finally able to teach a sister by the name of Aida. She has read all the way to Ch. 21 in 1st Nephi....we just taught her. wow hahaha She is super Mabait and just so funny to!!

Wednesday we visited a sister named Sister Pedro she is the Gospel Doctrine teacher! She is also the best! We told her we were teaching her neighbour....she went off on this long rant about all this crazy stuff! How he does drugs and all that man crazy talaga.  But we had a "FHE" at her house. It was her and us so 3 in total and here husband nearby so we didn't break rules's suppose to be weekly planning. I'll tell you the story......Friday morning just after my workout, about to take a shower, I got a call from pres. "sorry to disturb you, but can you and Elder Seu go to Riverside. We have a sister that has RUN away" so we went. We looked for three hours at computer shops, at bus places, but wala. We were then told to go home. As I finished up what seems the fastest weekly planning I have had. I got a text from the AP (while we were cooking lunch) said "meet at the stake center, we are going finding......So we're given an area and told to scan it....we did and it was long. Then we came back if wala, so we did that....Then as we went out about to return home after checking an area, President said "no one  goes home till we have her." So the search went on. We searched for forever, our legs...about to fall of...we then got a text that said meet at the apartment of the sisters, President wants to talk with us......We had a chat. The sisters gave us water to drink and crackers to eat...(all the sisters in the area are in the same complex). President then came, updated us while we updated him...He then asked for an idea on what to do...Sister Barrientos spoke and said "I always say the prayer of an obedient missionary is the most powerful. Let us pray and after just bow our heads..let revelation speak to us" so be did. President prayed and the room was strong in the spirit. Had us all, yes, all in tears.. but we sat in we started to converse, we felt na Marcoss stadium... so they went and looked, not there. But going on to Saturday the APs and office elders only in the seach said that a few people saw her near that area.

While working on Saturday we got a text to say that the Area President said it was ok for her to return home. The ticket was ok. Moments after that we got a text that said "she is home I'm going to see her now" she willingly went home.....the question you might ask is where she slept..they said na she slept on the roof of the apartment because they left the key in the gate. She went upstairs and left in the AM. By now she might be home. who knows...

They always say best two years of your life, never said easy.

SO sunday we texted an RC. Said hey, lets get to church, yeah!.....MORE STUFF.....she said that they couldn't. That her father died....another RC of ours.. (RC means Recent convert...btw) what they said happened was he was swimming in his little concrete pool..slipped and fell in the water. He was with his daughter..She thought it was a joke...It wasn't. We went to the Living and saw him. It was hard for us as seeing we saw him on is hard.

Sunday also Bishop was coming back from Manila and brought Krispy Kream as there are none here in Laoag.

SUNDAY we closed I received a call...guys...I'M HAVING A BABY!!! or in non-mission language I'M TRAINING!!! Yes, I will be training. I meet him wednesday. We go out on Thusrday! MAN life is good

SO that's that. I'll sent two emails one with, you'd be proud. I did good this week!


P.S. thanks for the prayers. I feel them in my life.

​This is us closing at our new fave place LIL Ranchos (go like them on the FB


​This is our bishop...Bishop Catubay

​what happens when you play FHE games with elder SEUMANUTAFA

​this is us on a tryc...three people on the motor two in the car...sisters in the car me...seu and driver hahaha oh man!!! 

These TWO pics are at the living (yes they are wearing white head bands) its a thing...they are great people and yeah! 

​OH man that face hahaha but sooooo good!!!!

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