Monday, May 18, 2015

Lip Pointer

The mission really changes you...if you let it. Haha what I mean is there are things I do that I didn't do before LIKE point with my lips....yeah I do that...just thought I'd let you know.

ANY WAY (basta)

This week was a good...ok week for me. As you know I am training a new missionary right now. I am starting to see the challenges BUT hahaha jokes on you if you think I give up! As a missionary and more so as a trainer you receive revelation for you, your area, and as a trainer for your companion. For me this week I received it for how to do language training. We now do 30 mins English and 30 mins Tagalog. This week during English training I learned that my companion was pretty much in a gang. But don't worry they just fight and not drugs or that's cool but Elder Ellis is the man! He is way good in Tagalog already! BUT of course there is still room to improve.

I am happy to say however that we have 2 progressing investigators very close to baptism. We had the date of May 30 but for us as missionaries that was a little to fast so we pushed it back. It is just nice to know they want to and on top of that it is a rescue baptism, meaning the mom is a returning LA and we are just so happy for them. They are the best!

I had a cool thing happen this Friday. As you also know that here in my mission they speak two languages. This appt. we had we were able to share with them the first vision. after the older nanay had a rant/questions. IN ILICANO but the thing was I saw my self understanding...I dont study the language but..idk call it what you will, the fact I hear it all day or gift of interpretation of tongues. IT FELT GOOD

SATURDAY was a long day. hahaha We were going to have a half a day mission. It turned out to an hour and a we walked from where we were to Lapaz, 40 min walk, and just started to go to all out LA and INV there from that time we got 5 lessons (4-8) we had two at the mission thing and 1 in the morning cause we studied in the morning....We were sooooo tired. 7 lessons from 3-8.

Sunday we as missionaries spoke. I spoke on Discipleship and spiritual self reliance. Using Jeffery R Holland'ss talk on the first know the one "PETER IF I WANT FISH I'LL GET FISH" and was cool!!

well thats it... here some pics from this week.....

this is tacos Del norte i got the Ilocos burrito...had fries in it and something Ilicano that I forgot but it's so good! 


Well thats it love you!!!!  

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