Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This week was long and now it's Wednesday

So I'm going to Laoag today so that's why p-day is right now!!!

Anyway this is February and in 14 days I will have been out for 6 months.  Yes I'm still in Vigan but transfers are coming soon and I might head out! So that means I'll email Tuesday...

These past few days were tough, no investigators at church, a ton of things falling through, and worst of all we only had 4 appointments on Monday...it's getting crazy!

But we had some cool things happen so I'll tell you about that...

First me and Elder Hickey examined the area and found that there are small back roads that connect all the barengies that we go to (hoods) and so we asked President for bikes and all he said was ok...but that's something right....so I'd be ok with staying here. hahaha Vigan is nice! 

Next I attended my first baptism interview...as assistant to the District leader, but yeah, it was way cool and the better part is that the guy lives in our area and the sisters agreed to give him to us. It's going to be a big baptism! but that's cool!! 

I got word my packages are here so that's good. 

Its been a hard week too for fellowshippers. 

I don't know if you would remember me talking about tatay Rabong. He was our older fellowshipper who had a stroke. I'm sad to say that he passed this week on Saturday.  It was just so sad.  His kids came from work and when we got there he was already in the coffin and dressed.  His kids were just so sad it hurt to watch...This morning me and Elder Hickey helped put temple clothes on him...his garment were already on. It's hard to see these things, be in area for so long to see a man you love pass. But it's ok that's why we have the plan of salvation and we will see him soon. 

So I'm going to make this a thing when I get home...Tindahans...they are just little stores owed by people with like snacks and pepsi and maybe other things like a small pack thing of tooth paste or like ciggs.  haha it's so cool. 

Well I love and miss you all and hope you have an awesome week. Not to make you jealous, but it's been, I'd say, 80's this week, so yeah. got to love it! And I'm not sick any more! 

Well with love and no pictures...sorry mom...

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