Monday, January 26, 2015

This week was... I can only put into words as "next time na lang elder"

So this week was the week that I have had the fewest fellowshippers. and they would all say next time na lang elder.....grrrrrr But that's ok, we still did ok!

So we had a week pack full of people and now we have a week full of finding, if you know what I mean. if you don't we had to drop a ton of people this week..

I think this week I'll just tell simple stories.

So me and Elder Hickey went to this house and we did the whole Tao po (people here) it's the way to knock. We saw this old tatay sitting there and he sat up, looked at us, then sat down... that was so silly hahaha

Then we have this investigator who is now progressing and they came to church. They are two young sisters and their mom. Let's just say the young men are willing to fellowship this week...They were so funny. Earlier this week we went to their house and had some....ok if any of you are PETA sue me in 2 ight...I had some very MASARAP or delishes  HORSE MEAT. It was definitely one of my new favorites. They are great people and are willing to hear what we have.

Yesterday we went on splits and I was with Brother Paul who hasn't worked cause he has a job now! But we went to Brother Lims house and they are so nice. We had a way solid lesson and Brother Paul pulled out a sweet OBJ lesson it was awesome. Tapos we went to a family who is a recent convert and a less active and a non member and had a powerful lesson, but after that some old nanay was like Elder come here, khain tayo, I was like no thanks, but she came over and said that she was the only one at church..I soon found out she was way drunk! hahaha but I had a conversation with her in Taglolg and she understood and everyone else did....what!!!!! hahaha its nice! Elder Hickey is teaching me well. I'm also seeing my English kind of grammer funny.

Well that was my week, not to much, just hard work and crazy people. hahaha Love you all and remember a day without laughter is still a day, but a day without a daily feast on the words of Christ is a dayyyyy wasted.

Love you all

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