Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey there Peeps! From the Sunny City!

welp in Laoag. haha It's so hot here, but it's all good! hahaha

My first day was super funny. I saw these two kids start to fight then an adult came and just smacked both of them around. It was actually really intense, but that's just life here. Then we taught a super awesome RC and during the lesson a cock fight happened right next to us!  So cool!!!!!

This week was just weird with transfers, hahaha but I'm ready for a new challenge...I'm in a ward now and not a branch. haha but it's still small haha. Its still so fun and now instead of flat bukid it's all hilly. hahaha So crazy! I call it the missionary weight loss program! hahah so great!

If you could believe it it's been 6 months (on the 20th)! haha That's just wow! haha Awesome, but sad it's going fast!

I wish I could sit here and say 50 lessons, but the down side about this city is no one cares. haha Just a day in the life I guess. It's been constant with fall-through appointments and whatnot, hahaha but it's life, you know, and press on!

ang bago kasama ko si Elder Eduria. haha He's a cool guy, loves..himself, but haha cool.

I have pics of him and my area.
Well tapos na. Love you all

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  1. ang bago kasama ko si Elder Eduria - My new companion is Elder Eduria
    Bukid - Farm