Monday, January 19, 2015

The Ilokano pigeon who had a sister and went to the langganisa festival and ate sugar beats.

Don't you worry I will explain the title as I go on...I'll tell you the pigeon one cause it really doesn't fit in....anyway so there is this language called Ilokano.  The tale goes in Hawaii if you can speak it they respect you cause maraming Filipino sa Hawaii (many Filipino in Hawaii) but I heard that they speak "pidgin" there and it's weird sounds like Ilokano  like dijay and ditoy its cool!! so if you go to your Ilokano.

Anyway the rest of the email will tell the rest of my title.

So this week we had 43 lessons...AY GRABE

Need I say more hahaha we went to an investigators house and we were waiting for him and just talked to his older sister who is a returning member and super cool!!  I was telling a story about Jordan and I said and atay ko....and my companion was like wait, you have a SISTER? I was like no..I was like wait, what's the word for older bro...sorry Jordan.  That means I called a couple boys older sister....cause when you see kids you say adien.. but older bro is kuya! haha blast!!!!

We met this guy..very wealthy,  but at a very young age he went to California so he doesn't know Tagalog so yes, I taught a lesson in was mahirap it was weird...I forgot the gospel in English!! hahah

This week in Vigan they were prepping for the festival that is langganisa...meaning pretty much sausage idk but there is sooooo much and it looked sooo good! hindi ko po alam if I'm aloud to eat some, but I'd love some!! haha so good! and yeah

cge so we went to a wonderful family's house named Amikay and they are the best!!  They are recent converts gone less active gone returning haha so much fun! but they are just so great!! We were done teaching and they said, wait, we have mirienda! (snacks..) they looked like onion shaped potatoes  but they tasted so good!! I think they are SUGAR BEATS. They gave us a FAT bag full of them and they are weirdly tasting plain but I love them, but I haven't tried them in vinegar, haha, but they are good.....Elder Miller, my housemate, said man, my parents would think I'm crazy if I said I'm having vegetables for a snack...mine too hahaha.  My dad sent me a email saying I look skinny...hahaha I was like isn't that a good thing?

hahaha Some of you wonder what I eat...Have you ever had rice 3 meals a day...I have!!!  hahahaha and veggies and meat and hot dogs and yeah!!! It's a great life here... I eat well and drink water...even more now that I'm a little sick... hahaha

Well that was this week. I hope you guys are staying safe!!!

wala pictures cause busy week but mahal kita!!!


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