Monday, November 24, 2014

This week was wacky!!

Monday was a good rest of the p-day and we went to our good friend Tatay Esposo who was given the Melchizedek priesthood Sunday!! and after that we took him to go with us to the Salis' family to teach an awesome lesson. The Salis' family is part-member meaning half the family is member! so that was a solid lesson!

Tuesday we started the day with a move! we moved the sisters to our area that's why we made the switch....but I'll get to that...... anyway we then went to go to the church and had our fellowshippers Brother Paul (who is getting to be closer with us and willing to teach) and Brother Mark. After that we went to Tatay Esposo again.....this is where things get hard...we get to is house and he has a window and we saw we was doing something and then he turned his head and we saw a cigarette....why Tatay why! We then knocked and he hid the evidence... we were just shocked....a man that just had the Melchizedek priesthood overcome by Satan's grasp! He than wanted to come teaching with us....but we had to say no....ahhh!!! Anyway we then went to the Ushanin who is an amazing family. The other day we tried to go they were at the hospital...I'll get to that..

Wednesday morning we got a text from \Brother Allen and he asked why we hadn't been there... this was good and bad for us. Good because he likes us there and bad because we were so busy last week we hadn't been there in a week! But we taught him and it was a great lesson!!! We then went and taught two more lessons that we had four lessons that night we had one... well that's mission work for you!! we taught brother Jay Jay and it was a good lesson!!

Thursday we had to go to Santa Domingo for district conference cause or district leader went to Manila for immigration stuff! After that we taught Allen and Esposo both great lessons, but Esposo was still hard! and it was just a short easy day that ended in ice candy making!! very good!

Friday we did planning...for the sisters..meaning I couldn't do much other than fill out progress records. We did however teach 5 lessons in the afternoon and one was at the hospital.  We taught Jay Jay and he is starting to have a better understanding! and so we went to go teach Ushanin in the hospital.  His wife however lost a child...not born yet...but she was doing fine and was very happy to see us! She is an amazing woman!

Saturday was so fun!! I lead some lessons and also sung at another baptism! hahaha but other than that it was very slow.

Sunday.....I GAVE A TALK! on temporal well being and self reliance. It was good I hope! and after that we went teaching! with the branch president in his car!!! hahaha the things I miss are silly! hahaha well that was my week I miss you all!!!
Elder Tanner

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