Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy All Saints Day

So I will get to the title, it's pretty great!

Tuesday we did a lot of finding and walking and some teaching. haha It was a rough day.
Oh and Monday night we were walking to an appointment and this guy drives by and yelled CRACKER and Elder Robles goes..."he not Filipino.." hahahah

Wednesday we went on exchanges. I went to Vigan 2 area and it was way hot all day. But on a more solid note I killed at teaching. It was so much fun haha and I learned so much!!! And out of all the weird things I got sun burnt. It's also cause this area is all highway.

Thursday we had training and after we studied and then we went out teaching. We taught some great lessons. One to a recent convert who is getting the Melchizedek priesthood soon!! And then a sister is also an RC who invited her friends....they are both like way solid and just loved our message so they are great and yeah.

Friday was a weird day...the day before All Saints Day and so it was a half day for work and school and so yeah! We taught an investigator about the Book of Mormon and he still has questions but so does every one else...weird thing though we got home and I was sooo tired... right after day review I fell asleep on the couch....oh man, idk why but I was just exhausted.

Saturday was All Saints Day.....soo All Saints Day is the day every one celebrates the dead. During the day it felt like a normal Saturday, but oh man night time came.. appt fell through, people everywhere, but one amazing thing happened. Elder Miller, who I am going on exchanges with, taught me this thing about family and using your hand. So we went to a less active, taught that and some other things and left....he showed up to church on Sunday with his family..... GRABE...that night we went to family home evening and it was good but we heard that a fellowshipper of ours, who reminds me of my Grandpa Tanner, was in the ICU and the word is he is kind of OK but he had a stroke, so we might see him or his family today. Sad. He's so funny

Sunday was a good Sunday. but later that day we had the privilege to watch an area conference with Dallin H Oaks!! great talk!!

well that's all folks

Much love Elder Tanner

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