Monday, November 10, 2014


So the title in Tagalog is wow! that was my phrase this week!!

So this morning we went to the Santa Domingo beach to have a zone activity and it was epic!!! The sand here is black and they harvest it cause it is magnetic so crazy!!!

Anyway Tuesday of this week I went on exchanges with Elder Miller in Bantay  and it means hill......on a highway in the sun soooooo hot, but we had so much fun!!! He is the best!

Wednesday we were crowd control for an eye test thing at the church and that was way cool, but the ZLs came with mail...every letter my mom has emailed me now makes sense with that physical mail.

Thursday was district training and the ZLs came and helped with teaching. We had Elder Kabiling. He is so funny!!!

Friday we did planning and teaching. hahaha

Saturday was a hot day so crazy!!!! and we did a lot of work! but Friday I was told I was speaking in church but on Saturday they forgot it was primary program so I didn't speak.

Sunday our goal was 5 investigators at church....we had 6!! so cool!!! After we went to brother Allen's house...his Baptism date is DEC. 6 but he has a word of wisdom problem and he been doing great.  They all drink Milo and not coffee any more (Milo like Nesquick but it can be hot or cold!) he is 14 days sober and cutting back on cigs.... but they told us they want to push the date back...BAKIT!!...he had a good reason... he wanted to be 100% clean of WoW.  Oh man it was so cool and on Saturday Brother Allen fellowshipped with us to the sister who referred him!

So great!! well good week talk to you later

Elder Tanner

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