Monday, November 17, 2014

Transfer Week...

So this week is transfer week...I'm not getting transferred but at the same time I am....The sister missionaries are going to new apartments in our area so they are giving them that area and we get their area. so yeah it  is we loose so many neat people but it's OK I trust the sisters.

I'm being made aware I'm not putting detail in my email...sorry. haha but for those who are wondering, my diet is pork, chicken, rice and veggies. Thanks to Elder Robles. I am in the city so a lot of people, like a lot, and they love Christmas. The city is getting crazy haha. My chapel is kinda new and is beautiful and I am in a branch haha few people. but its all good... I get McDonald's too so that's a plus. My area is more of the suburbs and it is great!! I love it so much!!

Anyway Monday I got a special treat!! BALLUT!! for those who don't know, it is a un-hatched chicken embryo and is actually really good!! First you drink the stuff and then peel the shell, pull it out, put salt and vinegar on it...again it is actually really good.. except Elder Miller's was to old...feathers and all... figured out why it has the name it does... that's the sound you make spitting it out. hahaha soo much fun!!

Tuesday was a great day. We had our investigator come fellowship with us at the sister who refereed him! so cool!! and after that we went to Tatay Esposo's house. He is an amazing man, and after that and after lunch he fellowshipped with us!!! and this Sunday he got the Melchizedek priesthood!! soo cool!!

Wednesday was a very hard day... the day where we are full of lessons but this day we had three..... man it was tough!

Thursday we had DM and that was so cool! but after we went to McDonald's and this guy from Africa asked us about our church. We had the chance to talk to him.. he nis born again Christian (in every mission you have a "rival" church ours is englasia christian but I find the hardest people to teach are the born again...but I digress) he was cool!

Friday we had ZTM and we then went to go out and teach...we went to the Ben family!!They have an awesome family but its a little mixed up.  But its OK the single sister is a teacher and cares for her cousin and some others, but every time we come over she says "hello kupatide!" SIBLING is what that means haha. She is awesome and her cousin is a recent convert!! I led the lesson with her. Luckily my kasamas moto is "with me you'll never do bad" hahaha he's the man! and we had a fellowshipper. He was glad to be with us cause without fail we get Pepsi and bread from this family!! so cool!! haha He then walks to his house with us and wanted just to talk!! What a great guy!!

Saturday was district conference and the APs came to train us. We had so much fun and I learned great things, but no teaching was done. I got a letter from my nieces and that made my week 4000000X better

Sunday another day of conference, but we also had interviews with president... Although they were short! they were meaningful and as usual I learned a lot.

Well I hope this letter was better and I hope all of you have a great week...this week will be crazy for me...  but I'll let you know! love you all
Elder Tanner

Ballut.... Mmmmmm

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