Monday, October 27, 2014

Week of Greatness

So just like to start out by saying I harvested peanuts so that was way awesome!!!

Anyway so this week started out rough and we just did finding and no one would so Thursday rolls around and I talk to the mission president about you know struggles I have been having here and he set me strait and that night we went to go teach and it was sooo great!!!

The reason I start on Thursday is because it was super great!! We taught some that night and the next day we were teaching and I was feeling great!! I just could feel the spirit go through me to testify to these people!!

 Friday we went to go teach and you know same success I was talking and testifying and it was just so great!!! Then we went to one of our favorite places the Ben family! They live in a home where they are related but they have like cousins and stuff and the cousin is a recent convert and usually we go over and she is quiet and turns away.  So my kasama and I, we just talked about an object lesson....but with nothing in mind we just taught.  We got  there and she turned her chair closer to us and spoke was so great and her cousin testified of the Book of Mormon and had the girl (Jennifer) in tears it was so great and after we got bread and Pepsi....Filipino bread isn't just bread its like......AMAMZING

So Saturday the sisters had a baptism...we show up and my BML (branch mission leader) took me to the piano and said Elder Tanner can sing.....I sang a a baptism that was great but the duet was without piano. and it was "Our Savior's Love".... sooo good! haha I hope

Sunday was good, church was great! but after church we went teaching with our BML and Elders Quorum president.  We went to our Progressing investigator's house and got there and he was flying a kite..... we went over there and I saw ciggs on the ground.  He talked to my kasama and then our BML.  I asked Elder Robles what was happening he said we can not teach him..he is drunk.... oh man Satan...why do you have to be such a turd...its OK.... if singing has taught me one thing is "FEAR NOT FOR THE LORD IS ON YOUR SIDE" so yeah that was my week.


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