Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Service at it's best!

SO Elections are pretty much over! They will have a new president here! RODRIGO DUTERTE.

ANY WAY.. this week was really great.... I mean take away the rash that's all over my body, it's been a great week! Nothing compared to Poison ivy RASH...#missthosedays  #thatsajoke

We have these 2 investigators right now that are really great! They are smart, answer all the questions and ask really great question...the thing is they just don't come to church! but hopefully this week they come!

This Saturday was National day of service. Our service, walk the "highway" and collect the campaign posters! It was so far!!!! but we had so many!!! Like we filled 2 center cars (fits 6 in the back) ( 6 people) I loved it!!! MET SO MANY PEOPLE..hahahaha they were so confused why an American was collecting the stuff!!!! hahahaha

Well that's all. I will send pics. Well love you all !!!!!!


bottom of old bell tower

TWIN DOGS..that are probably dog married 

Fellowshipper Rinel....worked with no shoes...cause he gave them to a sister who shoes didn't fit

name tag....yes that upper right is my dork dot.

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