Monday, May 23, 2016

No matter how many times you sing it won't go away...

Summer is, I guess you could say, gone. Starting Friday afternoon it started to rain and has been off and on the entire weekend! RAIN RAIN GO AWAY. It's way fun. Working in the rain never gets old!

This week was really funny. I went to Appari on Wednesday for exchanges. The elder I was with is an elder that came into the field with me. I guess he isn't a fan of his companion. He played B-ball at lunch and part of studies and then shouted for joy when they said I'd be at district meeting and not the other guy.

Something cool happened this week. Someone texted us and we didn't know the person so we went to their house. It's a new member who is the 9th of 12 children and hasn't gone to church cause something happened......we taught her and we hope she will be able to come, but the other thing is we taught her mom and siblings...not all of them!

well I will send pics but I love you all!!!!

 SOME one left this gem in Appari...he's from Utah, born in kid

ET quotes 

Appari district 

 FHE games (lip stick)

looks like a black eye just let over lip stick 

Can't remember her name, speaks Japanese and little English

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