Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ian S. Ardern

So this week we had a mission tour and Elder Ardern came. It was a great conference. The thing that happened is he had people come up and share a scripture. I did. Romans 8:35;37....yes Zach it is from lamb of god. But the thing was after you shared what you thought about it, Elder Ardern would come up and give you a better understanding and ask questions and mind was way open and way lunch everyone said they loved mine.

Also like halfway through he got a call...from salt lake turns out Neil L Anderson just called biggie.....

This week was crazy it's the week leading up to today...ELECTIONS.....we have to be home by 3 and can't leave the house. So right now we are in Aparri (not my Sydney) and we go home and just chill...we might have a picnic out back.

I just got done Skyping!!! last one!!!!!!!!

Well that's all. I am going to send pics. Love you!!!

order for pants

yes there is a D&D truck that comes to us! 

THIS MONSTER CRAWLED ON MY LEG IN THE BATHROOM.....screamed like a little girl...... 

THATS MY BOY ( who is actually a DL now) proud papa



 it's go good eats man!!!

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