Sunday, October 26, 2014

Long Week

This week was a success and very long!

We started it by teaching and finding!!! a lot of walking!!!

hahaha at the end of one day we met a man Brother Paul who is very interested in our church and loved coming hahaha

In total we had 4 investigators at church!!! we loved it!!! hahaha

We taught and walked and man did we have fun!!! this ward is so great!!!! and very good at fellowshipping our investigators

So the other night we went and taught Brother Allen about apostasy and the lesson went great!! After we went to a members house and had some treats and Pepsi....than they fed us dinner.....we were thankful because we had no food at home but we were out later than we would have liked to hahah

Sorry I didnt bring my journal so I cant remember what happened what day!!

All I know is I learned how to fry chicken and the work here is great!!!

One night we walked at least 3 and a half miles to get home... we did our stuff I took a shower and was in bed asleep by 10...with the district leader's OK cause he said if you've done everything you have to you can go to bed at 10

so great!!!

well I miss you all a lot!!!

love Elder Tanner

P.S. I learned how to wash my clothes by hands!! I said to myself the one song that comes to mind when I do this....Count Your Many Nlessings   hahaha so great

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