Saturday, September 20, 2014

So this week was good!!

So I promise I'm going to say more than three things.

Sunday was amazing an we had an even better devotional about the plan of salvation!!!! so spiritual and I got like great notes from it!!!

Monday....... well it was Monday

TUESDAY was epic!!! so we had class and then right after class I skipped dinner to go get in line for choir!! I made it and we sang "Be Still My Soul"... that wasn't even half!!! the reason every one wanted to sing was because it was sent to all the MTC in the world because the speaker was.....RICHARD G SCOTT!!! It was crazy epic!!!! It was about prayer and was so great but at the beginning he said " don't have a good mission... have a blast!!" that is so true!!!! I love the MTC!!!!

Wednesday was long and hard and ice cream day!!! love it!!!

Thursdays we do this thing called TRC and we pretty much just teach a member in our language so fun but!! this Thursday we went a step further and Skyped people from the Philippines and taught them!!!

Friday was the best day..... WE GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS!!! we got from SL to Oregon from Oregon to Tokyo and then to Manila!!! but we stay at the Manila MTC for 5 days and then we go to Laogo for a month and then fly to Hong Kong for the day then fly back to the Philippines something about the visa stuff I don't know!!

Well that is about it!!!

I'll send pictures after I rotate my laundry and switch computers.

Elder Owen from my ward!!!

Elder Harman. He is so awesome!

New zone leader looking at the new district leader sleep.

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