Saturday, September 27, 2014

So Close....

So I am so close to busting out of this joint but it is the I want time to slow down so I can get better and better at the language!!!

Any way so this week was killer!!! remember I said we had Richard G Scott here last week. this week me had M Russell Ballard!!! What!!!!! 2 of the big 15 in two weeks crazy!!!!!

Well Sunday my kasama and I watched a devotional buy Jeffery R Holland,  if you don't know who Jeffery R Holland is he is pretty much like the best!! and really digs into your soul!!! and the best part he said "I hate when missionaries say this is a break from school and life and when they go home they say I cant wait to get back to real like... THIS IS REAL LIFE!!!"

and Monday was Monday

Tuesday was that devotional and it was the best one I saw since being here!!!!

Wednesday I got to host the new mga missyonaro and that was super awesome!!! I hosted this kid that was going to west campus.. so we had to wait for the bus and I got to know him!!! He is the youngest of three! and by the smell of his sister (pot) it was really amazing that he overcame that adversity of probably being tempted all the time by his siblings and come serve just so awesome!!!!

Thursday we had another Skype TRC and my kasama and I got the same sister as last time and it was so great and she said I talked more in Tagalog so pumped!!! but I'm still working!!!!

Friday was in field orientation!!! soooo close!!!

Yeah so that's life

Elder Tanner

temple window pic!!!! 

dark room!!!!!

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