Monday, June 13, 2016

its Estinky...

NOW Say the title in a Nacho libro Accent.

ANNNND we're back!

So this morning sucked! Actually it stunk...literally....

The fridge broke...but we done messed up....we didn't take out the fish.......oh joy to the stunk and we had to clean it and it was the worst and smelled so bad......I almost......MALAPIT  AKO NA MAG was that oh lesson learned.......

Another Crazy thing that happened was Saturday, the sisters called and said that this guy was following them so they went to the restaurant. We booked it to them.....and walked all the way to their house (please note twas night time) then as we were about to, this guy was riding his motor towards us...... and then like pulled an un-needed U we called the AP and they said wait there till was 8:30 when we yeah, but nothing happened so we were thankful....President just said be smart at night.....

We had people who haven't been to church in a year and others that are just having trouble......We had 2 investigators come also..... but the thing is that the 1 is part of a reactive plan we have with a super inactive who is coming back!!!!!

Well that's all. I'll just pass some pics!!!!!

 it's a huge spider...again

 that darn dog ate a pillow 

 nice view 


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