Monday, June 6, 2016

Cool Stuff!

I think it's safe to say this week taught me some cool stuff....

Let's start with my humbling experience. So we were in this lesson with this really nice lady who is from here but lives in Manila. We gave out our Tagalog copies of the Book of Mormon ( Ang aklat ni Mormon) So we only had English... so it was my job to translate.....My companion said maybe E. Tanner will just translate for was right there I was like what? no, I can't. I did my best but we ended up just explaining it..the thing is I thought about it and it was so easy to translate.....I just didn't have was crazy humbling

The rain just keeps falling and falling and falling. I don't think it will ever ends in the morning but by night time...oh man!!!!!!

Last night was funny...we were at an appoitment and what happened is right when we finished it rained, so they said wait it we did.....for an hour and a did not let was still coming down when we left.........we had to cover ourselves in a tarp in our side car......

so this video..if you like kid history you will love this!!!!!
watch it it's really funny and cute!!!

well thats all folks!!
my add-on to my shoes 

cool multi color bug!!!! with this little girl!  

 painting!!!!! it was a service proj at a elem school! 

Kalig lig

cock fighting ring!!!!!!!!  

my BFF

 fighting ring on Sunday...cock fighting day!!!! 

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