Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Conference and meetings!

OK so MONDAY was MLC, THURSDAY was Zone Conference and SATURDAY AND SUNDAY were Stake Conference.

We didn't really work this much this week because of all the stuff so I will talk about the stuff!

Zone Conference was was just like MLC everything that was taught....but they did do a cool thing at the start...we talked about Christlike attributes and then they had us get up and give one to our companion and why....I said that my companion has patience....He really does...knows I am not perfect and some time a goofball

We were asked to give a training also.....President and his wife and the AP's were in my training....I sweat through my stuff hahaha not really the AC felt nice!

NOW Stake Conference! Saturday was good but man Sunday was the best!!

Saturday the talks were like about stake leaders and ward leaders and how they need to work together...OH PALA the speaker for conference was Elder Collado of the area 70 if you go to LDS.ORG right now and look at the cover story with Elder Renlund  he's the one behind him!

SUNDAY there was a meeting for RM's and Full time missionaries! They talked about how RM's need to be the strength and not the weakness of the they have all this experience and some just waste it getting caught up in the day to day life! AND THE TRUE DOCTRINE HE TAUGHT...FEED THE Missionaries...Promise he made was "YOU WLL NEVER BEG FOR FOOD!" THE BEST!!!

HE also talked about the three thngs that need to happen in life in this order 1)mission 2) marry 3) education.....HAPPY WEDDING JORDAN!!!!

SUMMER IS PRACTICALLY here...even though it rained this morning!!!!! twas a blast

Well that's all folks!!!! I'll send pics but I wish you the best this day and week!

my ZONE with Pres and Sister Andrada! 

Elder Farrales and Whalquist....the AP

better pics of the hanging bridge 

going home from Stake con with members on a big moving truck! 

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