Monday, April 13, 2015

Conference fun

So this week was cool. I'll just say one thing, waiting for conference is like waiting on Christmas and this was a great week!

Conference is still one my mind so I'll talk about that. Saturday morning we were a little late, but we didn't miss talks just a little music. Then we watched and left for teaching two people... still got to work! but then we went to the Saturday morning. I loved all the talks there, even more so Sister Burtons' hint hint....... then before the Saturday morning, President talked to us, asked why we were late and then invited us to something. I didn't really hear, but all I knew was food.. then the crazy happen.....I was sitting with missionaries cause it is hard to get investgators at Saturday conference. Elder Uchtdorf read the name of the propeta and then the chilling "I OPPOSE" was heard. For the missionaries around me, we all said the same was a weird feeling, sa puso namin.  BUT with a cool, calm, collect German talking, he got through, gave the instruction to go to your steake president. QUICK NOTE I'm pretty sure he said LIKE SIGN not squeel across the area.....DUHHHH
THEN they sang! "We Thank the O God For a Propeta" and the words "they who reject this glad message with never such happiness know" that's my thoughts..

So yeah, so president invited us to this lechan dinner, didn't tell the office elders, but it was way good and I loved it....remember that bread that looked like pig... here is the real of it.

​If you have never had crunchy pig never lived life...

I consider it an honor to be invited by President to feast! It was a blast!!!!  

I loved Sunday session but wala ni elder RICHARD G SCOTT..whyyyyyy..

My family, I have little to say but I think this will answer some questions..

I love Laoag, but Vigan is more quiet, less people and that is what I love. The people here aren't as nice! hahaha

I hope this is ok I LOVE PIG hahahaha


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