Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where did this week and a half go!!!

I have gotten to the point to where all the days just melt together!!!!! But I guess that's good!!! The language is going so fun!!!! and I'm learning a fire hose amount of info!!!!
SO I'd like to start this letter with saying that you guys can always write me a letter my address is on my Facebook. Letters are greatly accepted just because it's like a boost to my already long and hard day!!!

NOW lets see where to start!! oh yeah, Saturday after I emailed we went to the temple! and man was it amazing (also biggest temple I've been in!) so yeah!! SUNDAYS here are amazing and fun and in Tagalog so half the time I'm not sure what's going on!! but we had a devotional that night and that was super amazing!!!!

MONDAY was a crazy day and a lot of anger was brought up in the district!! but good news we got it all worked we were playing basketball in gym time and the craziest thing happened and a kid broke his nose!! had surgery yesterday!!!! so that was pretty crazy!!!

SO Tuesday through like Thursday was jammed full of studying and learning and all that crazy stuff!!!! Um but really nothing too exciting happened

I sung in the Tuesday night devotional!!!! we sang Jesus once a humble birth!! so cool!!!

So my comp and I have been teaching a sister named Beverly! and we got her to commit to baptism!!! and the feeling from that was so great and I just thought if a fake investigator feels this good to set that date imagine a real one!!!! and than we had a PLOT TWIST!!!! Our teacher now became our investigator and our investigator is now our teacher.... MIND BLOWN!!! so that was crazy frun!!!

I'm sorry I don't have more to say! or pictures to show but this week has been pretty not eventful....but I can tell you the highlight was my package I got from grandma tanner SOOOOO good!!!

Love you all!! have a great week

Until Owen can send pics here's another great one from
Lindsay Tanner

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