Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kumasta po kayo!!!! pamilya and friends!

The first day was crazy and fast and exciting!! in the  MTC the language was very confusing! But day three and I'm starting to get it down! Not really I just like to think that!!!  My Companion is Elder Macarilay! (MACA-reliy) he is a great guy and has taught me a ton and I hope that I have taught him some things as well!! So my district has 10 guys and we are all going to the same mission and its pretty epic! I love them all!! An elder asked the teacher yesterday "how is it I've known theses guys for 3 days and I already love them more than my own family!" we are all supportive of each other and laugh with and at each other! Our teacher is Brother Cohan and from day one he was spoken Tagalog and says like English words kind of to help us but never all English!!

Thursday was still kind of hectic!! but we were getting it! we had a very long class time and then we watched a video of an investigator! He than told us you will be teaching Beverly in TAGALOG!! That was the scariest moments in my life!!!! But I'll get to that! That night we had a meeting with the branch president President Howard! Great man, really funny!!! Teaches us so much!! But at the meeting they had us all in my branch come up and talk about us. After that we had interviews for District leader!! Some of the guys said it was going to me but it wasn't! It was an amazing elder named Elder Huber! We are roommates with him and he is the greatest elder around!! In my journal that night I wrote MTC no BOBO ( stupid)

Friday we taught Beverly! it was ehhhhh ok I guess, I mean we forgot to say opening and closing prayer but it was great!!! haha I have never seen the gift of tongues so real until the investigator talked to my comp and he understood all words and spoke back!! AMAZING!!
Today is our first p-day and although laundry was so boring we did find out its a great time for language study!!! But we didn't today but next time right, I mean I do have Six weeks!!

Well I love you all and can't wait to hear from you and how you are doing!!! love you
Elder Tanner

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